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Kadou Ichika-ryu

Confectionery classroom

​ ~ Kado ICHIKA style School ~

Confectionery test

-Certification system-

From April 2020, Kadou Ichika-ryu

Twice a year in spring and autumn

By writing and practical skills

We will carry out the Ichika Ryukado test.

Along with that, we are opening a formal Kadou Ichika-ryu classroom.

Osaka (scheduled to start on April 2020) and Shanghai (scheduled to start on November 2019)

​ The classes will be held in the above two classrooms .

In the classroom, like a traditional outside class

Many designs and techniques in a day

So-called imitating

Unlike "experience type"

Each theoretical knowledge, method and technique,

Morality to learn from each other through sweets

To wear it firmly

It will be "rehearsal".

Guided by the world of tea ceremony that leads to Zen

Japanese sweets that have evolved beautifully with that spirit.


In modern and diversified modern Japanese sweets

We are based on its roots

To convey the essence of "Wa" to the fullest

I will devote myself every day.


Kadou Ichika-ryu

Junichi Mihori


Qualifications for taking the Ichika-ryukado test and diplomas and diplomas for passing the test.

Confectionery Ichika style test system.jpg

Japanese classroom

Yokosuka / Kobe

Kadou Ichika-ryu Japan School Office

556-0015  1-5-11 Shikitsunishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka



Shanghai classroom

Kadou Ichika-ryu Chinese School Office


202 203, Changjiang West Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

+ 86-21-6622-8388


Kadou Ichika-ryu Gotenmae

performance show


​ ~ KABUKI ~

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Eijun Mitsubori Photo Exhibition
Wagashi Photo Exhibition

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Kadou Ichika-ryu outside class

Work Shop

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Kadou Ichika-ryu 

Other activities

In addition, lecturer / appearance / interview, etc.

For requests, please contact the following.


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